Succeed in Golf

Pyramid of golf balls1 300x199 Succeed in GolfOur success emerges from a sound knowledge of managing performance in golf for many years. Because we combine our professional and academic knowledge when we work in golf, we ensure that we are at the forefront of the best support for our golfers. We enable our golfers to deal better with errors, to make better decisions, to cope with unending pressure, to build a stable emotional response to all situations. We often help golfers to understand and maintain attention when it matters most and we establish a firm foundation for their confidence that remains resolute in the most trying circumstances.

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Our self-managment system is based on a firm foundation of key psychological processes. Once you understand these processes and are supported to fit them into your life in sport or business, success will by your reward. Most of the clients we support are astonished by the simplicity of the management system and more amazed by the short- and long-term benefits. If you are keen to achieve, please let us know. 

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Our philosophy is built on helping people to think better more often. We typically encounter clients who want to play golf better, to score more goals, to secure more sales and so on. Our challenge is to ensure that each person takes responsibility for change. We work with each person to remove faulty ways of thinking, feeling and behaving – these ways have not served them well in the past. Then, we establish strong, clear goals focused on their needs. We know we have done our job when the client is thinking, feeling and behaving in a way that guarantees success. Only then can we truly say we have been valuable.